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Well-conducted and reported audits are the best way to get quick wins: you don’t always need to rebuild from scratch. But when you do, you’ll have a roadmap ready.

You may suffer from proximity blindness when you’ve been working too closely on a project, and you might miss the obvious. The good news is that you don’t always need to rebuild from scratch. An expert eye can easily assess what the issues are, and suggest solutions that are immediately actionable, leading to quick wins and great satisfaction.

With the Rockstar Review, you will gain crowds of raving fans, getting your product or website into the Internet Hall of Fame.

UX & UI Audit

A deep dive in 4 steps, that will provide you with invaluable insights, a thorough report and an actionable roadmap to expand your audience of raving fans.

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Praise for my audits

“It’s clear that Piccia brings with her a wealth of experience crafting and refining the web, in ways that make things more accessible, easy to read, and more ethical”

I was both excited and hesitant to have Piccia Neri perform a UI/UX audit of our website because I knew we would uncover things that we’d overlooked.

Her perspective and insights were so helpful across a wide range of aspects: from GDPR and cookie consent functionality, how we line up and display text, and the way we present our interactive demo.

It’s clear that Piccia brings with her a wealth of experience crafting and refining the web, in ways that make things more accessible, easy to read, and more ethical.

Thank you so much Piccia, we’re taking your suggestions to heart!

Nathalie Lussier – Founder & CEO
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“Piccia Neri is the reason the conversion rate on the landing page for my virtual summit quadrupled overnight. Literally.”

Piccia Neri is the reason my conversion rate on the landing page for my virtual summit quadrupled overnight. Literally.

She analysed and reviewed the sign-up page, giving me a number of pointers to improve the visual flow and experience. I quickly implemented a few of her suggestions on the fly. The next morning, my jaw dropped: the conversion rate had massively increased, by as much as 400%!

I can vote for Piccia’s skills by my own experience.

Jan Koch – Founder & CEO
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Workshops kickstart your team into acion. They empower those who give them and those who take them.

Workshop topics

  • Accessible design
  • The UX Blueprint
  • Accessible typography
  • Accessible colour
  • Creative accessibility: experiences and visuals
  • No limit to the options

The price of workshops varies depending on topic, duration, number of students and whether they are online or in person. The shortest workshop I offer starts at €2000.

Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements. You can email me if you like, or let’s talk Opens in new window if that's your preferred form of communication.

I believe that a workshop is the best way to kickstart a sluggish team out of a funk, as well as establish good UX and design habits. A sprinkling of theory that’s put into practice straight away, on a real-world client issue that your agency is currently dealing with: a memorable experience with immediate results.

Praise for my workshops

“An enjoyable and highly informative experience, even for an experienced and professional team of designers and developers, and I’d highly recommend her services.”

Piccia ran a successful 2-day UX workshop for the Sotic team in February 2020. An expert in the field and an engaging and professional tutor, Piccia’s relaxed, amiable manner encouraged even the quietest team member to participate and contribute.

The workshop was enlightening and comprehensive, delving into the emotional nitty gritty of what really makes good and bad UX and exploring research and design principles and techniques around delivering quality and relevant UX.

Piccia had taken the time to tailor the workshop to our specific requirements and focused in on the unique needs of our client base. It was both an enjoyable and highly informative experience, even for an experienced and professional team of designers and developers, and I’d highly recommend her services.

Kate Maunsell – Managing Director
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“I have been lucky enough to experience Piccia’s immense expertise and her ability to share knowledge, inspire and instil confidence as a UX workshop attendee”

Piccia is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to UI and UX design - she really knows her stuff both on the technical side of things and from a visual design point of view as well. She is multi-skilled with a talented designer’s eye but also has oodles of experience working directly with clients, as part of a team and in collaboration with other specialists.

Because of this, she brings an immense amount of expertise to the table no matter what the project goals are. Even more importantly, her ability to share her knowledge, inspire and instil confidence is one of her great strengths.

I have been lucky enough to experience this first hand at her WordCamp conference talks, as an attendee of Piccia’s Design For Conversions Opens in new window online conference and as a UX workshop attendee. I have learned so much from Piccia over the years which has enabled me to up my own game and feel confident in myself as well.

Meg Fenn – Company Associate
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UX and Design

I am available for hire as a hybrid UX/ UI unicorn with a special focus on accessibility and creativity.

You know, don’t you, that accessible products are more profitable by default? That’s why you’re here.

I develop accessible products that use creativity either by devising engaging experiences, or by creating visual themes that also convey meaning.

No more vector illustrations of people on computers, blue branding for tech companies, or annoying pop-ups that may have converted pre-pandemic but are now a digital plague.

We’re a fit if:

  • You need a design lead to help you and your team deliver products with carefully thought-out UX that relies on a beautiful and accessible UI.
  • You understand that accessible design brings in a huge increase in conversions, as well as being the only way forward. And you want it to be beautiful and imaginative, too.
  • You have a juicy project that needs a hands-on all-rounder who can't wait to get stuck on branding and UX, as well as coming up with creative concepts applied to an extremely profitable, totally accessible UI.

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Praise for my UX and design

“Piccia is pleasure to work with and we are delighted with the results”

I sought Piccia’s help with redesigning an e-Book that we had produced and I’m so glad I did. She totally transformed that e-Book to not only look fabulous, but to be totally consistent in brand and message from the visual point of view. Along the way, we realized that our total company brand needed a refresh as well, and Piccia came up with a new brand image for us that highlighted our values, culture, attitudes and brand in a refreshing, modern and stand-out way. She was a pleasure to work with and we are delighted with the results!

“I’d thoroughly recommend Piccia for any creative projects you may have”

I worked with Piccia when I was the creative director of a London based design agency (now no longer in existence). She worked with us as a creative freelancer coming up with creative ideas for pitches and bringing her own artistic individuality and flair to anything she did. Her creative Photoshop and Illustrator work was excellent. It’s great to have independently minded senior creatives like Piccia on call as they can take on creative responsibility and develop ideas. We took Piccia on as her folio was full of clever creative work that was a bit different to the usual. She produced some lovely work for us. I’d thoroughly recommend Piccia for any creative projects you may have. She’s easy to get on with and also fun to work with.

David Ayres – Creative Director
The Ayres Design Company Opens in new window

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Piccia’s UX and design services to anyone trying to grow their business”

Working with Piccia was an absolute joy. We are Music Patron Opens in new window, a new creative start-up. We had worked with a design agency to create a new brand, but we weren’t sure how to best implement the brand on our site. Then we met Piccia and everything clicked into place. Her UX/UI design skills were exactly what we needed. We worked together collaboratively in sprints and in just two months we were able to launch our wonderful new site. We couldn’t be more happy with the end result and our stakeholders are thrilled too.

Thanks to Piccia, Music Patron is classier and more professional at the same time as joyful and playful. I fine balance to strike! It is more accessible and it’s a more powerful tool for acquisition.

In addition to Piccia’s brilliant skills, we really valued her energy, her enthusiasm and her flexibility.

Sonia Stevenson
Head of Music Patron

“I couldn’t recommend Piccia’s services more highly”

I first worked with Piccia while she was leading the design team at the British Film Institute Opens in new window in London. Her design work was bold, impactful, and informed by an impressive knowledge of and love for film. Moreover, she was a pleasure to work with - passionate, conscientious and supportive. More recently, I worked as a freelance project manager at the Endemol Shine Group, and I had the opportunity to commission Piccia to deliver a couple of WordPress sites. Working more directly with her this time, I was extremely impressed by her technical proficiency, her flair for web design, and her ability to work to extremely tight deadlines. We were thrown numerous curveballs during this period, and she always responded with creativity and good humour. I couldn’t recommend her services more highly.

Paul O'Callaghan – SR Content Manager
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I am a sought-after public speaker because people seem to like my talks.

My mission is to educate the people who build the modern web to use design as a force for good. I talk about designing for conversions because I find that people relate to that more. It’s my way of persuading you all to be accessible, and to offer your clients and their customers better experiences.

I am as comfortable on a real stage as I am online. I have presented, hosted, and led uncountable webinars, talks, conferences and other online events both live and recorded. As a Cloudways Maverick Opens in new window, speaking publicly as a design advocate host and speaker was my primary focus.

You can watch a few of my talks on the Speaking page on this website.

I would be delighted to be your accessible design advocate, as a host or a speaker. Let’s talk. Opens in new window

Praise for my talks

“I watched Piccia’s London Wordcamp talk in London and it was the highlight of the conference.”

I am a web developer with background in psychology and seeing psychology theories applied on the web was fascinating! Piccia’s presentation has changed how I think about web design and she inspired me to learn even more about UI and UX. I would definitely recommend attending any of her talks or webinars - it will be time well spent.

“Piccia’s talk is a perfect example of how to talk about accessible design while keeping business development in mind”

Piccia’s WordCamp Europe 2022 session Design for Conversions Opens in new window is a perfect example of how to talk about accessible design while keeping business development in mind. Putting people first as soon as you start designing a new project is key. Piccia delves into this concept with excellent practical cases, brilliant storytelling, and entertaining anecdotes.
This is a must-see talk for those beginning to explore the topic of accessible design. But I also find it invaluable for more experienced professionals who need a breath of fresh air and solid arguments for negotiating with their clients.

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