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WeAreDevelopers Accessibility Day Opens in new window, online, 25 October 2023

Beyond Tellerand Opens in new window, Berlin 11-12 September 2023

WordCamp Finland Opens in new window, Tampere 14-15 September 2023

I talk at conferences live and online, about UX, UI and accessible design. My current focus is on creative accessibility

“Piccia was the stand-out speaker at the event for me”

“I had the pleasure of watching Piccia at the splendid UX Copenhagen conference 2023 Opens in new window. She was the stand-out speaker at the event for me, combining great, heartfelt, and authentic storytelling, with a clear and important message about how to make animations work for everyone. What a joy to watch and to listen to!”

“Piccia’s session is a perfect example of how to talk about accessible design while keeping business development in mind”

“Piccia’s WordCamp Europe 2022 session Design for Conversions Opens in new window is a perfect example of how to talk about accessible design while keeping business development in mind. Putting people first as soon as you start designing a new project is key. Piccia delves into this concept with excellent practical cases, brilliant storytelling, and entertaining anecdotes.

This is a must-see talk for those beginning to explore the topic of accessible design. But I also find it invaluable for more experienced professionals who need a breath of fresh air and solid arguments for negotiating with their clients.”

Color is an opinion

…And don't let anybody tell you that their opinion is better than yours. This talk opens up a liberating perspective on colour, providing practical information on how to use it in a way that makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the products we build. With the very welcome side effect of getting your clients the conversions they want – by using colour accessibly.

This was me on stage at WordCamp Asia 2023, Bangkok, Thailand Opens in new window

Design for conversions: how to be more profitable by putting people first

How important is design in your agency? Do your website and product builds start from putting users at the centre?

Your agency can be more profitable with an approach that follows the basic principles of human-centred design. We’ll see how you can increase sales and conversions by building sites that are focussed, first and foremost, on helping out the human beings that use them. Making sure that we include all of those beings: creating products that are accessible and inclusive.

This is my most recent live talk, on stage at WordCamp Europe 2022, Porto Opens in new window

Visual perception and memory

We all know that 3 seconds is all it takes to lose the attention of visitors to our web pages. But there’s hope yet! We can all win on the web by leveraging the brain’s strengths and limitations. An understanding of how the human brain processes visual information can greatly help us win our visitors over and keep them where we want them, instead of losing them to cyberspace.

By knowing how the brain (and people!) interpret visual language, we can create designs and graphics that communicate clearly and are effective on a cognitive as well as an emotional level. This will lead to better UX and better sales for our clients.

This talk gives a brief introduction to this fascinating topic, with practical, actionable examples accompanying the theory.

On stage at the WordPress London Meetup in January 2020. This was meant to be a rehearsal for this talk, which I was going to present on stage at WordCamp Asia 2020 Opens in new window – but, as you can imagine, that WordCamp never happened.

UI that ROCKS: A practical introduction to Gestalt principles applied to web design

This introductory talk shows how the application of simple principles of Gestalt psychology can greatly enhance the design of WordPress websites. Most of us probably use some of those principles intuitively already.

However, consciously adopting a Gestalt-driven approach helps us hugely towards creating a more meaningful, efficient and improved experience of our websites for our end users. And by the way: it’s not necessary to be an expert to use these principles. The talk covers a selection of the Gestalt principles that have a real, practical role in the designing of web pages. Plenty of examples of real-world applications will be provided.

On stage at WordCamp London 2018 Opens in new window

UX for Everyone

Think that the UX process is only for big agencies with big clients and big budgets? Think again! UX research and methodology can, and even must, be part of any web project, no matter the size. It’s possible, and I’ll show you how. In fact, you’re probably doing UX research already in some form, and you don’t even know it.

This talk demystifies UX and shows you how to make it an integral part of your web design process. The improvement is guaranteed: for you, your clients, and your clients’ clients.

On stage at WordCamp Nordic 2019 Opens in new window. I also gave this talk a much-improved version of this talk at WordCamp London 2019 Opens in new window, but as far as I know the video was unfortunately never posted online.

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I am comfortable speaking in English, Spanish and Italian.

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