BFI Future Film Festival

The Future Film Festival Opens in new window is a great initiative by the Education department at the British Film Institute Opens in new window. The FFF is an active festival, where young film professional go to learn by taking part. When tasked with creating the campaign for the 4th BFI Future Film Festival in 2011 I came up with the idea of a jar full of sparkling creativity. I conceived, created and shot the light trail image in my studio, where much fun was had by all involved. We used all sorts of lighting implements, including a child’s bike wheel with fairy lights attached. This poster in particular was almost irreparably ruined by the loathed Caecilia typeface, but again, at the time there was no choice.

Then I thought that a film festival for young people should be designed by young people, too – not by me. So for the 4 following editions I set up and led an educational workshop and competition for design students to design the FFF campaign, in collaboration with the University of the Arts, London and Middlesex University. The project aimed at bridging the gap between filmmakers and designers. In the gallery can see a few photos I took from some of the editions when we ran the workshop and competition. I also created a website for the project, but it’s not looking great because I haven’t updated it in a while.

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