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The Mini UX & UI Audit is a small, but perfectly formed 20-minute video review of your landing page or main product screen. It identifies the obvious points of friction and areas to improve, giving you immediately actionable tips to remove them. Delivered to you within 2 days max, purring like a Maine Coon.

“Piccia Neri is the reason my conversion rate quadrupled overnight. Literally.”

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve invested time and resources into your landing page, but it's just not converting as you hoped. Your potential customers are visiting, but they’re not taking action. Frustration is mounting, and you’re missing out on valuable leads and sales.

Imagine the missed opportunities and revenue slipping through your fingers. Every day that your landing page underperforms, you’re losing potential customers to your competitors. It’s time to address the problem before it gets worse. The Mini Audit is your answer!

How it works:

  • You buy the audit for €350
  • You tell me which page you want me to audit in a form I’ll send you
  • I record an unfiltered walk through of my experience on the page
  • I give you candid feedback on design, user experience, and conversion elements
  • I suggest the fixes
  • I deliver the video with transcript within 2 days of receiving payment

Areas I cover:

  • User flows & interactions
  • Visual layout
  • Navigation
  • UX of copy & messaging
  • Branding, UI & visual accessibility


The Mini UX & UI Audit

In just 20 minutes, I’ll conduct a comprehensive video audit of your landing page. My analysis will pinpoint the issues holding your page back and provide practical solutions. No lengthy reports: just actionable insights. Small, but perfectly formed: tailored for the quickest wins, and the biggest return on your €350 investment.

What you get:

  • 20-minute unfiltered video walk through of an agreed page/ journey
  • Identifying friction
  • Providing fixes
  • Recording
  • Transcript

Ready for the next stage in your product’s growth?

For only €350, you could be unlocking untold opportunities – in your inbox, in 2 days max.

Need a more detailed analysis?

Is The Mini UX and UI Audit not enough for you? Do you need a deeper or wider look? Perhaps your product is more complex and has more than one page to look at?

No problem: I have the right audit for any audience. Discover the other audits I have devised for you to turn your website or product into a veritable conversion powerhouse.

“I encourage anyone looking to improve the user experience and conversion rate of their website to listen to Piccia’s advice”

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any other question that isn’t answered here? Please, feel free to get in touch.

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Q1: How long does the Mini audit process take?

The entire Mini process takes typically no longer than 48 hours.

Q2: Do we have to meet?

No. I will ask you a few questions in the purchase form, but that's all I need to know. In fact, it’s better if I have a completely unbiased impression of the site: a first-time user approach

Q3: Can I implement the changes myself, or can you do it for me?

Absolutely! Many clients hire me to implement the recommended changes, but you’re free to watch the video and make changes on your own or with your team.

Q4: What types of digital products do you audit?

I can audit websites, apps, and any other digital products. If it has a user interface, I can assess it.

Q5: Do you only audit sites/ products in English?

No! I am happy to audit in Spanish, Italian, and French. These are the languages I'm either bilingual or confident in. I don’t like to rely on Google translate to really understand the experience.

Q6: How do I know if this audit is right for my business?

This audit is ideal if you think your problem lies within your homepage/ landing page/ a given screen only. The fun thing is that it may uncover issues or opportunities that you hadn’t realised were there.

If you think you might need a more in-depth review of more than one page or journey, I have two other audit levels you can check out. This one can give you immediate wins though, and it’s a great way of testing the waters inexpensively if you haven’t worked with me before.

Q7: Will you share this audit online or with anyone else?

Absolutely not. This is strictly private and confidential – unless you want to use it as a case study, in which case I’ll probably ask you permission to do the same.

Q8: OK, I’m sold. However, I'd rather pay by bank transfer. Is this possible?

Of course! I can receive payment in (almost) any currency, so it will probably be a national bank transfer regardless of your location. Please send me an email Opens in new window with your company details and I’ll send you an invoice with your payment instructions. I will get started with the audit as soon as I receive proof of payment.

Don’t let proximity blindness hold you back. You could be so close to transformational feedback! All for just €350.

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