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The Midi UX and UI Audit is the ideal UX, UI and visual accessibility audit to get our product out of its slow spell and make it more profitable for you and more usable for your customers, churning conversions as fast as a cheetah. Perfect for those cases where the Mini won’t bite quite enough, while the Maxi’s roar is overkill.

“Piccia absolutely nailed it: from a tricky impasse, to a very happy client”

Do you feel like you’re the real roadblock sometimes?

Do you find it hard to identify what’s wrong and where to start when it comes to improving your UX, UI, messaging, and accessibility? Do you wish for an external, unbiased perspective to unveil the blind spots you’ve missed?

It’s hard to judge how to get a product out of a sluggish growth and turn into a sprint runner, when you are too close to it, day-in, day-out.

You know there's potential for growth, but you’re unsure where to start or what changes will yield the best results.

With The Midi UX and UI Audit you can get your business out of the slow lane, right into the fast one

The Midi Audit is designed to help those business that don't quite need a deep level of scrutiny, but know that they need a stronger nudge forward, by an impartial expert eye.

Your underperforming digital product doesn’t have to hold you back any longer. Say goodbye to frustration and missed opportunities, and speed full steam ahead with The Midi UX and UI Audit now.

On top of my professional experience, I bring two essential elements: a fresh pair of eyes, and an unbiased perspective. We’re too close to our own projects to be able to take a detached view.

I have no personal attachment, so my vision is impartial, with these 3 main objectives:

  1. identifying and removing any obstacle to your growth;
  2. identifying opportunities that align with your business goals;
  3. and finding the sweet spot where your goals meet with your customers’ best interests.

Yes, I’ve written the same things about The Maxi Audit: I bring exactly the same attitude and achieve the same goals with any of my audits.

The difference between them lies in the time I spend with you and on the audit, the number of pages/ journeys I cover, and the depth and detail of the report. Midi is perfect for you when you need something with more bite than Mini, while Maxi would be overkill.

The areas I cover are also the same:

  • User journeys & interactions
  • Information architecture
  • Navigation
  • UX of copy & messaging
  • Branding, UI & visual accessibility


The Midi UX & UI Audit

The middle ground between Maxi and Mini, this extremely effective UX, UI and visual accessibility audit will get straight to the point of what your product or website need to do in order to scale up a gear or three, and flash forward like a lightning bolt.

Step 1: Discovery

A 1-hour discovery session to ensure I understand your goals, and what you offer your customers: the famous "sweet spot" where you make money and grow, and your customers get the value they came for. We also discuss the pages/ flows of your website or app that you want me to analyse.

Difference from Maxi: this session is limited to 1 hour and is not extended to your team. We only look at one aspect of your business or product, while in Maxi we go much deeper, and consider the bigger picture.

The Midi Audit

  • The beloved middle child
  • Discovery session
  • Unfiltered video walk through of an agreed product/ website / journey
  • 2-page report with recommended roadmap
  • Audit report delivery session
  • Recordings
  • Transcripts

Step 2: Audit and report

I’ll review the aspects of the product (website, app, dashboard, etc) that we agreed on, without de-touring or going down any rabbit holes. I'll conduct an analysis of UX, UI, branding, accessibility, consistency, appeal, and messaging, in an unfiltered video. I will the compile in a written report, providing  recommendations.

Difference from Maxi: I only examine the agreed flow or number of pages, without deviating from the course (in Maxi there are no restrictions).

Step 3: Audit report delivery

Final video session where I’ll present you with my assessment, my recommendations and the report. You will receive a recording of the session with a transcript. Receipt of the recording, transcript and report marks the completed delivery of the service.

Difference from Maxi: this report is much shorter, and only looks at the agreed aspects, without considering the bigger picture of the business. Having said this, I will always indicate wherever I see issues arising that are outside the scope of this audit.

“Don’t waste time: choose Piccia”

“Piccia first established our goals as a business, and did this audit through the lens of what can do to accomplish OUR goals. So much good stuff... You’ll save a boatload of time... Nothing compares to having a fresh perspective from a person with deep experience in usability, accessibility, and design.”

Kim Coleman
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Not sure whether this is the right audit for you?

Is The Midi UX and UI Audit not quite enough for you? Do you need a louder roar? Or perhaps you would like a lighter touch?

No problem: I have the right audit for any audience. Discover the other audits I have devised for you to turn your website or product into a veritable conversion powerhouse.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any other question that isn't answered here? Please, feel free to get in touch.

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Q1: How long does the Midi audit process take?

The entire process typically takes 1-3 weeks, depending on when you’re able to schedule the meetings.

Q2: Can I implement the changes myself, or can you do it for me?

Absolutely! Many clients hire me to implement the recommended changes, but you’re free to take the report and make changes on your own or with your team.

Q3: What types of digital products do you audit?

I can audit websites, apps, and any other digital products. If it has a user interface, I can assess it.

Q4: Do you only audit sites/ products in English?

No! I am happy to audit in Spanish, Italian, and French. These are the languages I’m either bilingual or confident in. I don’t like to rely on Google translate to really understand the experience.

Q5: How do I know if the Midi audit is the right one for my business?

This audit sits right in the middle of the most thorough audit, the Maxi, and the quickest one, the Mini. The Maxi looks at the business as a whole, and goes into lot of detail, taking diversions during the walkthrough. The Mini only looks at one page, and what I can pinpoint in a max of 20 minutes. The Midi is ideal when you know that you have more than one page to look at, but you don't quite need me to look at the whole picture.

Q6: Will you share this audit online or with anyone else?

Absolutely not. This is strictly private and confidential – unless you want to use it as a case study, in which case I’ll probably ask you permission to do the same.

Q7: I’d still like to clarify a few things with you before I decide on which audit I should purchase. Can we have a meeting?

I'd be more than happy to discuss your needs with you, and direct you towards the best service for your company. Please send me an email Opens in new window ; alternatively, you can skip the email and book a meeting Opens in new window with me directly.

Q8: OK, I’m sold. However, I’d rather pay by bank transfer. Is this possible?

Of course! I can receive payment in (almost) any currency, so it will probably be a national bank transfer regardless of your location. Please send me an email Opens in new window with your company details and I’ll send you an invoice with your payment instructions. I will get started with the audit process (step 1 is the in-depth discovery session) as soon as I receive proof of payment.

Don’t let proximity blindness hold you back. Buy The Midi UX and UI Audit now and unlock your business’s full potential.

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