Transform your digital product into a conversion machine

The Maxi UX and UI Audit is a UX, UI and visual accessibility audit that will empower you to make your website, app or product more usable, more accessible, convert better, make more money and expand your audience of raving fans with a powerful roar.

“In a nutshell: do it. Just do it”

Your digital product deserves better.
Much better

Are you stuck with a digital product that’s underperforming?
Is your website struggling to engage visitors and convert them into customers?

You’ve poured time, effort, and resources into it, and it’s still not delivering the results you envisioned.

It’s not just about missing out on potential sales and leads; it’s about the frustration of not knowing where to start, what’s wrong, and how to make your digital product truly shine – and convert.

You know your product has great potential, but it’s buried under layers of poor user experience, confusing interfaces, inconsistent branding, and accessibility issues. You’re too close to the project to see what’s not working.

You need a transformation. And with The Maxi UX and UI Audit I don’t just promise change: I deliver it.

I’m not just an industry leader; I’m also a WordPress user – your target audience. When I review your product, I provide a candid, unfiltered video of my first interaction with your website or product.

No holds barred, no scripts – just the genuine journey a user experiences. I delve into rabbit holes and explore every aspect I encounter during my natural journey. This level of scrutiny is what makes The Maxi Audit so comprehensive and valuable – and that’s why it’s the most expensive audit out of the suite of 3 audits I offer.

On top of my professional experience, I bring two essential elements: a fresh pair of eyes, and an unbiased perspective. We’re too close to our own projects to be able to take a detached view.

I have no personal attachment, so my vision is impartial, with these 3 main objectives:

  1. identifying and removing any obstacle to your growth;
  2. identifying opportunities that align with your business goals;
  3. and finding the sweet spot where your goals meet with your customers’ best interests.

I’ve devised this audit in the most efficient way I know to suggest solutions, and usually deliver more than a few quick wins. It is a deep dive into your business as a whole, brand and perception included. It’s crafted to deliver the most value and best return on your investment, with a roadmap and a list of actionable recommendations.

Areas I cover:

  • User journeys & interactions
  • Information architecture
  • Navigation
  • UX of copy & messaging
  • Branding, UI & visual accessibility


The Maxi UX & UI Audit

This is a thorough UX, UI and visual accessibility audit that will empower you to make your website, app or product more usable, more accessible, convert better, make more money,  expand your audience of raving fans and maximise your results.

Step 1: Discovery

In our initial meeting, we’ll dive into your business, its goals, and its current challenges. This in-depth discovery session will help me make sure that my audit empowers you to align your business's goals with your users' needs. You’ll take me on a tour of your product, revealing who it serves and why, and how users interact with it. We’ll collaboratively decide which aspects or flows of your product you want me to assess.

Step 2: Audit and report

I’ll review the product we agreed on, whether a website, app, dahsboard, or anything else. I'll conduct a comprehensive grading of UX, UI, branding, accessibility, consistency, appeal, and messaging, in an unfiltered video, no holds barred. I will compile my observations in a written report, and I’ll break down the user journey steps where applicable, providing clear, actionable recommendations.

Step 3: Audit report delivery

I will meet with you in a video call where I’ll present you with my assessment, my recommendations and a detailed report. You will receive a recording of the session with a transcript. Receipt of the recording, transcript and report marks the completed delivery of the service.

Step 4: De-brief session

In our de-briefing video call, you’ll report back on the changes you’ve implemented, sharing your experiences and any results achieved. I’ll provide guidance and support as needed, ensuring you’re on the right track to achieving your goals.

“Don’t waste time: choose Piccia”

“Piccia first established our goals as a business, and did this audit through the lens of what can do to accomplish OUR goals. So much good stuff... You’ll save a boatload of time... Nothing compares to having a fresh perspective from a person with deep experience in usability, accessibility, and design.”

Kim Coleman
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The best investment

“Cannot recommend highly enough”

“Piccia’s work was outstanding, her sense of design and empathy impeccable, her deliverables actionable from the immediate to the longer term, and she’s a pleasure to work with to boot. Cannot recommend highly enough.

The audit itself delivered a very honest appraisal of where our messaging and overall design was well aligned with our goals and where it wasn’t, with plenty of actionable suggestions to improve. Hand in hand with the messaging/design aspect of the audit, we walked away with not just suggestions to improve accessibility, but a better understanding of where we were making interactions with us much harder than it should be for segments of our visitors.

We loved the level of empathy delivered with the accessibility guidance. It’s one thing to know “x is a best practise and this aspect of your design is not in alignment with it” but something entirely more meaningful when you understand the pain that that particular aspect causes by being designed without those best practises in mind.
In a nutshell: Do it. Just do it. 

Quay Morgan
Ninja Forms

The Maxi UX and UI Audit

  • In-depth discovery session
  • Unfiltered video walk through of an agreed product/ website
  • Going down rabbit holes as necessary
  • Detailed report with recommended roadmap
  • Audit report delivery session
  • De-brief session
  • Recordings
  • Transcripts
  • Written report
  • List of resources (if applicable)

“Follow our example: go for it!”

Don’t need this level of scrutiny?

Is The Maxi UX and UI Audit overkill for you? Do you need a less powerful push? Or perhaps you’re after just a gentle nudge?

No problem: I have the right audit for any audience. Discover the other audits I have devised for you to turn your website or product into a veritable conversion powerhouse.

Who this is for

Digital product owners

Our audit was specifically conceived to empower digital product owners to craft better experiences for their users – whether on the sales website, in the product dashboard, or in any other part of the customer’s journey.

Business who wants to grow

If you’re looking to boost conversions, increase user engagement, and enhance the overall user experience, this is for you. You’ll get a user’s perspective, combined with a pro’s insights.

Ready for the next step

You’ve reached a point where you’ve done all you could with your business and need a drastic move to get further. So you’re ready for an external, unbiased perspective from a renowned UX and UI professional: and you’re lucky, because this service is designed with you in mind.

Action takers with a dream

If you’re ready to invest in a comprehensive review and take actionable steps to improve your digital product and transform your business, you’re in the right place. Pick the right audit to propel your business into the stratosphere.

Who this is not for

Those not committed to change

If you think your own way is best, and you’re not open to making changes or improvements to your digital product, an audit will not be a good fit.

Those not willing to put in the work

If you’re looking for instant, quick wins, this audit may well provide you with some. However, it’s still not a magic wand: rather, a thorough evaluation and a comprehensive process that needs active implementation of the recommendations. It’s down to you to carry them out.

Those not interested in accessibility and UX

Accessibility is a marketing tool – and soon a legal requirement for everyone: if you’re not concerned about it, or about your users’ experience, best interface practices, ethical design that converts, and effective branding, none of my audits will align with your goals.

Those not open to frank advice

I am never brutal, but I am always frank: if you’re not open to hearing constructive criticism and receiving professional advice and recommendations, no type of audit will be a suitable choice for your business.

Ready to turn your digital product into a conversion powerhouse?

Don’t let proximity blindness hold you back. Buy The Maxi UX and UI Audit now and unlock your business's full potential.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any other question that isn't answered here? Please, feel free to get in touch.

Contact Piccia

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Q1: How long does the audit process take?

The entire process typically takes 2-4 weeks, depending on when you’re able to schedule the meetings.

Q2: Can I implement the changes myself, or can you do it for me?

Absolutely! Many clients hire me to implement the recommended changes, but you’re free to take the report and make changes on your own or with your team.

Q3: What types of digital products do you audit?

I can audit websites, apps, and any other digital products. If it has a user interface, I can assess it.

Q4: Do you only audit sites/ products in English?

No! I am happy to audit in Spanish, Italian, and French. These are the languages I’m either bilingual or confident in. I don’t like to rely on Google translate to really understand the experience.

Q5: How do I know if this audit is right for my business?

If you have a digital product and want to an in-depth analysis that will remove invisible blocks and improve user experience, interface, messaging, and accessibility, all while bearing in mind the business's main goals: this audit is tailored for you.

I always start by finding out what YOUR goals are, and I look for the sweet spot where they meet your customer's. This is why this audit usually boosts conversions as well as customer satisfaction, while fostering great growth.

Q6: Will you share this audit online or with anyone else?

Absolutely not. This is strictly private and confidential – unless you want to use it as a case study, in which case I’ll probably ask you permission to do the same.

Q7: Why is this audit so expensive at €3875?

This is an in-depth, detailed analysis of many aspects of your business, from the angle of your business goals. I carry it out with the aim of uncovering opportunities: not just finding flaws. You will gain insights that might take you years to work out otherwise.

For this reason, the value that this  audit provides is huge. It’s an investment, not an expense: in the future of your digital product, your brand, and your success.
You will not just achieve the resolution of issues on your website or product: this could bring forward the transformation of your entire digital presence, a way to catapult your business into its next stage of growth.

On the other hand, if you think this is overkill for your company and you don’t need this level of scrutiny, I have two other audit levels that are equally effective for you to check out.

Q8: OK, I’m sold. However, I’d rather pay by bank transfer. Is this possible?

Of course! I can receive payment in (almost) any currency, so it will probably be a national bank transfer regardless of your location. Please send me an email Opens in new window with your company details and I’ll send you an invoice with your payment instructions. I will get started with the audit process (step 1 is the in-depth discovery session) as soon as I receive proof of payment.

Don’t let proximity blindness hold you back. Buy The Maxi UX and UI Audit now and unlock your business's full potential.

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