Today, 29 August 2017, I did a little live demonstration on my Facebook group (have you joined yet? No? Do it now!) on how to build a beautiful, solid, professional brand colour palette for your projects. I used an amazing and yet totally free web tool: the wonderful Coolors. I am posting the video here … Read more

Design elements and principles are the tools used to achieve a good final composition that conveys your message clearly. These days, there’s no shortage of design tools for non-designers. However, knowing how to use Canva or Snappa won’t make you a designer. And I am not suggesting that you should become one! You have your business to … Read more

Painting by Paul Cezanne, free download from the Met Museum

So, the other day all lovers of art and free downloads had good reason to be very excited. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York updated their 2014 Open Access policy, allowing free downloads of any digital image of artworks in the collection deemed to be ‘in the public domain’. These images all carry … Read more

You’ve got the tools, but have you got the rules? Non-designers who need to create their own social media graphics often think that they need a graphic design degree to be able to do a good job. That’s not the case: all you need is a few, simple, solid graphic design tips to live by. Here … Read more

Pompidou Centre, Paris

In the last post I waxed lyrical about Snappa, a great tool to create engaging graphics quickly and easily. This week we’ll see a few more useful design tools for non-designers that will help you with your daily design needs. Not a designer? No problem. Entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business make sure … Read more

Happy holidays 2016

It’s almost time to wrap up and set off for our (hopefully) happy holidays. Are you ready for the winter break? I’m not. I never am. December always sneaks up on me when I think it’s still October. Happy holidays to everyone If you are like me and you haven’t sent any cards to anyone … Read more

The light trails at a fun fair: beautiful and engaging.

If you need to be able to create engaging graphics quickly and easily, but keep getting stuck or overwhelmed, this post is for you: you will find out how to create great designs for your social media messages and blog posts, even if you are not a designer or you cannot afford one. As a … Read more

Close up on purple broccoli, with yellow cauliflower and romanesco cauliflower in the background. Wonderful contrast of complementary colours.

A NOTE FROM THE FUTURE: There is another great palette tool, the wonderful Coolors, and I love it so much that I’ve done a video post on it. Colour is an essential element of design and an integral component of any good branding guidelines. By now, we have scratched the surface on colour via the … Read more

Colourful light painting by Piccia Neri.

This week’s gift to the subscribers to is a light painting image I took years ago during a photoshoot for a BFI film festival. The colour of the light trails in the original image is a little bit uninspiring: so I decided to create a tutorial, showing how to quickly and non-destructively change the … Read more

Bold, effective colour scheme. Ribbons in fluo colours. Haberdashery. Photo by Piccia Neri, all rights reserved.

In this 4th post in the colour series, you’ll learn how to use colour harmony to confidently create bold, effective colour schemes that will even more dramatically improve the impact and effectiveness of your designs (we love a bit of colour drama). Understanding colour harmony will make you able to choose the colour palette for your brand, website … Read more

A real-world colour wheel made of powdered Indian pigments. Photo by Piccia Neri, all rights reserved.

Colour is an essential element in the design process. When you approach a new design project of any kind, an essential element you need to consider and know how to use is colour. In the 2 previous blog posts in this series on colour we learnt what colour is and how we see it. We … Read more

Lycra ribbons in bright, fluorescent colours with studded metal letters spelling 'Love Colour'. Photo by Piccia Neri, all rights reserved.

In the first part of this series on colour, we had a look at the difference between RGB and CMYK and how those colour modes work. Let’s pick up where we left off: looking at a colour in the Photoshop colour picker. Colour modes in the Photoshop colour picker The Photoshop colour picker offers a … Read more

How to design a punk-style poster in Photoshop, part 2, by Piccia Neri

Do you like the punk-era aesthetics? Have you often wondered how to achieve the torn, tattered, cut-out, photocopy look of punk era posters? This 2-part tutorial has shown you how to do your research on the visual style in the first part. This is the second part, where I will show you all the techniques … Read more

Real world representation of RGB colours, with powdered Indian pigments.

In my previous post on how to save images for the web with Photoshop I emphasised that you must make sure the image colour mode is RGB, and not CMYK, when you save for the web. In this post you can find out what the difference is between the two colour systems, and why it … Read more

How to design a punk poster in Photoshop. Tutorial by Piccia Neri

Do you like the punk-era aesthetics? Have you often wondered how to achieve the torn, tattered, cut-out, photocopy look of punk era posters? This 2-part tutorial will show you how to do your research on the visual style in the first part. The second part will show you all the techniques and tricks you need … Read more

Light painting photograph conceived, created and taken by Piccia Neri for the main image for the Future Film Festival 2011 Film Poster. Photo by Piccia Neri, all rights reserved.

On Friday 20 February 2015 I delivered a masterclass at BFI Southbank on the art of film poster design, for the 2015 edition of the Future Film Festival. The FFF, in case you don’t know, is a wonderful film festival for 15-25 year olds who love film and want to make films, rather than just … Read more

Valencia, home of good design and good food: a column on the side to the entrance to the Mercado Central, central market, in Valencia, Spain, The Mercado Central is a haven for foodies

I always wanted to find out more about Spanish graphic design, and I had heard that Valencia is a good place for it. So, as I am in the research phase for a new identity I am creating for a client’s juice bar in Valencia, I welcomed the opportunity to trawl the web to find out the state … Read more

An artist at work on a canvas with his brush and acrylic paints

A sneak peak at a host of truly exciting improvements to Photoshop CC 2015. Let’s have a look, some of these look like real game changers! Great new features in Photoshop CC 2015 according to a short video that Brad Ellis, a freelance app designer from San Francisco, has recently shared with the rest of the … Read more