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A brand is SO much more than a logo. While the logo is important to your identity, it's only a part of your branding: your brand is the personality, culture and values of your business. We help you find your voice and stand out from the competition, while delivering a consistent message to your clients. We build guidelines and design systems.

Web design

Your website is often the first point of contact your clients have with your business. It needs to tell them immediately what you can do for them, establishing you as a trustworthy brand and an authority in your sector. It needs to be a pillar of your marketing strategy –  as well as fast, responsive, accessible and compliant with legislation.

Creative concepts

Sometimes you need to come up with a really clever visual idea to promote your event or marketing campaign. That’s kind of our speciality. We find all that we can about your campaign and your audience, and then deploy our imagination in ways that you wouldn’t have thought possible, with results that will delight and dazzle you – and above all, deliver sales.

Design for print

Print is most definitely not dead! Many marketing materials still need to exist in the real world – brochures, leaflets, books, banners, packaging, poster ads – and more. And they must all reflect your branding, delivering a consistent message to your customers. We have decades of experience in creating flawless, stylish, innovative printed materials of all types, sizes and print runs.


You already have a website and a brand. But they're not working as you would like them too. That’s where we come in. We audit your brand and website, and come up with a viable roadmap to get you back on track. We can also train your team. The consultancy and training are fully documented: you can create assets that anyone can refer to. A long-term investment.

Speaking & training

Piccia Neri delivers engaging talks on design subjects all over the world, in three languages. She has spoken at conferences in the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and the US. Check out the About page to see her in action on stage. Piccia also has extensive experience in delivering workshops, as well as team training, in subjects ranging from Adobe CS to film poster design.