Snappa: a wonderful tool to create engaging graphics quickly and easily

If you need to be able to create engaging graphics quickly and easily, but keep getting stuck or overwhelmed, this post is for you: you will find out how to create great designs for your social media messages and blog posts, even if you are not a designer or you cannot afford one.

As a designer I know very well that it’s not easy to create great graphics if you are not a trained professional. I’ve had to learn the hard way myself, and it took a long time.

However, not every entrepreneur or small business owner always has a designer at hand, or can always afford to pay a professional designer’s fees.

Image created with Snappa in 2 seconds flat (almost)
Image created with Snappa in 2 seconds flat (almost)

At the same time, we all know that being active, visible and engaging on social media is simply a must for any entrepreneur or small business these days – and that’s done via using beautiful images and text that create an immediate visual and emotional impact. So it’s important to find a way to create engaging graphics, with or without a designer.

Most of my clients are in this position, so I am always on the outlook for cheap, simple, viable and effective design tools for them.

The point is that most people think that it must be terribly difficult to create great graphics that boost your social accounts without knowing how to use Adobe programs, or without spending a lot of money on buying stock photography from an online agency.

How to create engaging graphics without having to call your designer

In actual fact, however, this is not the case anymore: anyone can now create great graphics quickly, easily and with stunning imagery thanks to wonderful design tools for non-designers that are actually really easy to use.

And there’s a new kid on the block of design tools that I particularly like at the moment: it’s Snappa.

The intro page to the new design tool Snappa, a great way to quickly and easily create engaging graphics.
Snappa, a great way to quickly and easily create engaging graphics.

A good look at Snappa

Here is the video of me trying out Snappa. If you would rather read than watch, then please just scroll down.
If you would like to download the graphic I am editing in the video, please help yourself, it’s free.

You can find more images to download in the free library, by the way (small but always growing).

Snappa from Piccia Neri on Vimeo.

So why do I like Snappa so much? Is it better than its older brother, the much-loved Canva? Well, that’s a whole other post, really: for now, without making any specific comparisons, let’s just say that Snappa is amazingly simple, and that’s what I like.

If you are not a designer you want things to be as easy as possible. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by hundreds of options and lots of windows and calls to action jumping at you, which is what Canva does in my opinion. You also want the tool to work as promised, in a stable, reliable manner, without sudden jumps and annoying bugs. So let’s see how Snappa behaves.

Snappa’s promise

Snappa makes a few bold claims on its home page:

  • Start with perfect image dimensions
  • Lots of great templates
  • Free hi-res stock photos
  • Add text, graphics and effects in seconds
  • Schedule and share graphics instantly
  • Resize in a couple of clicks

This is a clear, succinct list of all of my clients’ pain points when having to create graphics for their social media channels. If Snappa delivers on all these points, well, we’re all happy. I am simply hoping that it’s all true and Snappa works as promised.

Putting Snappa to the test

So I finally logged in to Snappa for the first time today. I have just sent a holiday greetings freebie card to my subscribers, and I wanted to give them an easy way to add their own text to it, without having to use Photoshop – which is simply overkill in a lot of cases, as well as not a tool that everybody has. (For those of you who like to use Photoshop, please head here for the tutorial on how to add text to the card.)

As soon as I logged in I was very favourably impressed. Snappa takes the user straight to the task in hand, in the clearest possible way.

I wanted to create a Facebook post image. And it was the easiest thing in the world to find the right size canvas. So the first item on the list gets ticked off with a YES.
The Create a Graphic screen in Canva provides a very clear and easy user experience.

  • Start with perfect image dimensions YES

The first screen greeted me with many ready-made templates that I could have used, with all sorts of possible layouts. I didn’t want to use one in this case, but that’s a second green tick.

  • Lots of great templates YES

Once you get into the design area, it’s incredibly clear where you can find the stock images they promised, and they are indeed high quality. It’s also very easy to find the type of image you might need thanks to the search box.

But if you want to upload your own image that’s also a piece of cake to work out.

So it’s a third YES to Snappa’s promise.

  • Free hi-res stock photos YES

Truly stable graphics tools

The next claim on Snappa’s homepage the promise to make the addition of graphics, text and effects a real breeze, was the one I was most interested to test. In my experience, this is where s many online apps for non-designers fail: buggy as hell with a really jumpy experience.

Not Snappa: Snappa delivers again on its boldest claim. It’s an absolute breeze to add, edit, add effects to the text. And you have the whole of Google fonts at your disposal, which is great. No bugs at all, a smooth as silk experience. So it’s another green light on the fourth claim.

  • Add text, graphics and effects in seconds YES

As for the scheduling, Snappa uses Buffer and it does schedule and share instantly. You can indeed resize and repurpose as well, oh so quickly. Not only that: but should you need to download, you can do so and automatically save as a web-optimised image. I think I’m in love. So two more YAYS for Snappa.

  • Schedule and share graphics instantly YES
  • Resize in a couple of clicks YES


I like Snappa a LOT. In fact, I like Snappa so much that I think I’ll use it myself. It’s more efficient, not to mention quicker and simpler, for certain purposes than Photoshop or even Indesign, which are amazing programs but really more useful for complex tasks or creative purposes.

Snappa is also cheap: 10 USD a month. Really? Amazing. It packs a real punch of value. If you are struggling to create engaging graphics with decent imagery and text, do yourself a favour and give Snappa a spin. I think you’re not going to leave.

And here’s the video again should you be in the mood now. Grab the card I’m editing, as well.

Or get another image from the free library.

Snappa from Piccia Neri on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: All links to Snappa in this post are affiliate links. So if you click from here and then decide to take Snappa on, you’ll have given me a tip, which is nice, and I thank you.

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