8-hour group WordPress training

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Pay a 50% deposit per item


This group coaching package is for those who want to build their own WordPress website by themselves, without any of the pain. This 8-hour workshop answers all those vital WordPress, hosting and web design questions that would otherwise take you weeks to find reliable answers for. At the end of this workshop, you will love WordPress and your gorgeous new website.

Please read below for more details.

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How it works

During this 8-hour WordPress and web training workshop we’ll draw a precise roadmap, starting from recommended hosts to essential add-ons and systems. We’ll work together towards solutions that are safe, best-practice, efficient and above all future-proof: no need to switch themes or have to start from scratch when you are ready to grow.

The training takes place online via Zoom over two 4-hour sessions on dates to be agreed. The investment includes video recordings of both sessions, work sheets, a PDF booklet and a 30-minute catch-up session 2 weeks after, for the inevitable further questions. Up to 5 participants are allowed.

October 2017 bonus: 50 free, gorgeous, hi-res images exclusive to my clients.

This is how it works:

    1. You book the workshop by paying the 50% deposit. I get in touch with you and we set the 2 dates for the workshop. Please note that deposits are non-refundable.
    2. Before the agreed date of the workshop, you fill in a questionnaire that looks at your marketing needs as well as technical needs. This gives me the possibility to prepare properly on your specific case and create a DIY solution for your business.
    3. The workshop kicks off by going over the questionnaire together. I will probably ask you a few more questions.
    4. First of all we examine your brand. Your business will need a logo. We can look at a DIY way of putting a workable logo together. I will explain which logo formats you need and why. This is a mini-course (very mini) on brand identity. I will recommend using a super-simple typographical logo.
    5. Then we move on to your website structure. The pages that your website needs, as well as the functionality.
    6. It’s time to talk about content. Writing for the web with SEO in mind is different, there are different rules. You need to set up your website with SEO in mind. That must start from the beginning. We’ll also have a look at your keywords and how to understand how they work.
    7. Design with marketing in mind. Now that we’ve talked about the content, we need to find the best way to present it. The questionnaire helped us define: your business objectives; your market; your target audience. The design of your website needs to achieve your objectives for you, and get straight to your target audience.
    8. The technical part can start now. You will get step-by-step instructions and slides on this section, to refer back to in the future.
    9. How to choose a web host and why it’s of paramount importance. Where to register your domain. Why you shouldn’t have your email with your web host.
    10. Choosing a WordPress theme. At this point I will already know which theme (template) you should use, and why. I will give you an overview of the features and how to use it. I will also recommend a page builder, which is a drag-and-drop design tool for WordPress.
    11. Overview of the WordPress dashboard.
    12. Plugins: what they are, which ones are essential and why.
    13. Setting up your website for SEO with the Yoast plugin.
    14. Overview of how to set up pages and posts.
    15. How to use the Yoast SEO plugin on pages and posts.
    16. Overview on using images on the web.

This will give you the foundations that you need and it will save you from costly mistakes and frustration. You will also go away with tools, all the materials from the session to refer back to when you’re on your own, as well as insiders’ secrets and lists of dos and don’ts.

You will be properly set up for the future.

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