Free downloads of outstanding masterpieces from the Met Museum in New York

So, the other day all lovers of art and free downloads had good reason to be very excited.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York updated their 2014 Open Access policy, allowing free downloads of any digital image of artworks in the collection deemed to be ‘in the public domain’.

These images all carry a Creative Commons 00 license, which basically means you can do whatever you want with them, no questions asked, no credit needed.

This policy is an incredible act of digital generosity. We all hope the same Open Access attitude will soon be adopted by all mother major museums in the world.

I was so happy that I did a short video explaining how it works. It’s very easy and you can get started straight away on the Met’s website. They don’t even ask for your email.

You will never be short of image inspiration for your posts and articles, ever again.

How to download beautiful masterpieces from the Met Museum's website from Piccia Neri on Vimeo.

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