Shell Syria – Treasures of the Earth



A Shell Corporate Social Responsibility editorial project on the geology of Syria. I designed this complex book, comprising many colour-coded chapters by different authors; I also commissioned illustrations, oversaw photography and production and worked on the Arab edition in Damascus with a local designer.

This huge project was developed and produced over the course of a couple of years. It gave me the wonderful opportunity to work with a bit team based all over the world. And above all, it allowed me to spend precious time in one of the most wonderful places I’ve ever visited: Syria. I forged life-long relationships with my local colleagues, as well as experiencing magical adventures exploring the country.

2000 trees were planted to offset the environmental impact of the book, which was distributed for free to the students of the local university.

Services provided

  • Creative design
  • Creative direction
  • Editorial design
  • Project management
  • Print production