Liqua2, a juice bar in Valencia

Type of project: Logo and branding – Photography

Client: Liqua2

I was commissioned to create the identity for a new juice bar in Valencia, Spain. The brief was to create a colourful logo, vibrant, yummy and lively, to set the tone for the bar, which would be selling only super-healthy raw juices and smoothies from local organic produce. I was asked to incorporate a straw if possible – I was initially reluctant as every juice bar in the world has a straw in their logo – but I am very pleased with the result. It works, and it’s unique.

The name plays with the word ‘licuados’, juices, and the number 2, dos. I used a Q instead of a c because the q has become a glass with straw, seen from the top. The logo colours can change according to its environment, or the type of fruit.

I was also in charge of the photography, an integral part of the branding: fresh, raw and organic, against a rustic, natural wood background.

Services provided

  • Photography
  • Brand development
  • Brand and market research
  • Illustration
  • Identity design
  • Creative design
  • Creative direction