Faggionato Fine Art

Type of project: Book design & marketing materials

Client: Faggionato Fine Art

For many years, I had a standing collaboration with the up-market London West End gallery Faggionato Fine Art.

The exhibition held in the gallery were all of museum level. I loved creating beautifully produced catalogues, lovingly crafted invites, and more, for this gallery and its influential artists.

The artists the gallery works with are among the most important of the past century and the current one: Francis Bacon, David Bailey, Wayne Thiebaud, Giorgio Morandi, Giorgio de Chirico… the list goes on. Here is a gallery of a few of my favourite projects.
The collaboration came to an end when I started working as the creative director for the BFI, as my new position didn’t allow me to carry on any freelance work on the side.
FYI, the photos of my samples are always all mine.

Services provided

  • Book design
  • Creative design
  • Print production
  • Artistic direction