Dulwich Picture Gallery

Type of Project: Book Design

Dulwich Picture Gallery

A never-ending concertina booklet accompanying the exhibition on William Beckford’s collection at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, London.

Beckford was a 19th-century heir to a huge fortune that he set off spending by accumulating art objects. He was as extravagant and flamboyant as the purchases he made. So it seemed appropriate to me that the booklet should pay tribute to his imagination, as well as honour his personality.

This concertina booklet is hard-backed with a window cut out in the cover, showing the portrait of Beckford on a horse, and it can be opened from both sides. So whichever way you pick it up, it will be the ‘right’ side. One side has a grey background, the other green.

It took a lot of imagination, endless proofs, considerable production skills and very patient and crafty Italian printers to get this done successfully. We ended up with an object that it’s a total pleasure to hold in your hands. Definitely quite difficult to photograph!