BFI Front of House

British Film Institute

For a few years I had the privilege and the delight of working as creative director for the design department at the British Film Institute, on London’s Southbank. The job was a whirlwind of fantastic colleagues, film screenings, editorial and marketing strategies, both online and offline, and brand revisions.

In the middle of this I had the best fun of my life working with the best design team on earth, watching films, conjuring up beautiful poster images from scratchy slides and creating all sorts of marketing materials for the BFI seasons, releases and film festivals, on the web and in real-world campaigns.

For a while I was able to really do what I thought was best for this venerable, wonderful institution. Specifically, I worked towards formulating a new visual language, creating a memorable visual impact for the film seasons while as conveying a deeply layered, compelling cultural message. Pompous but it kind of describes what I did to a tee.

I designed marketing materials, from posters and banners to programmes, online and print ads, plasma screens, and more. I also worked closely with the Future Film Festival delivering workshops and a few lectures.

“…Piccia Neri is responsible for recent seismic improvement in design at the BFI, and she deserves big congratulations. […] I think that the posters for Oshima and New Europe are truly things of beauty.”

Robin Baker
Head Curator, BFI National Archive