A vivid imagination.

Sometimes you need to come up with a really clever visual idea to promote your event or marketing campaign, or anything else, really. That’s our speciality.

We find all that we can about your campaign and your audience, and then deploy our imagination in ways that you wouldn’t have thought possible, with results that will delight and dazzle you – and above all, deliver sales. Piccia is a photographer and an artist and she cannot wait to make your jaw drop. When she unleashes her creativity there is literally no limit. Try us out: let us dazzle you.


Our creative services include:

Creative direction (coming up with the creative concept)

Art direction (producing and delivering the concept)

High-level image manipulation and graphic design



...and more: just ask. We can *always* help you


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Don't take our word for it.
Take our clients'.

Jürgen Strauss

Jürgen Strauss


I sought Piccia's help with redesigning an e-Book that we had produced and I'm so glad I did. She totally transformed that e-Book to not only look fabulous, but to be totally consistent in brand and message from the visual point of view. Along the way, we realized that our total company brand needed a refresh as well, and Piccia came up with a new brand image for us that highlighted our values, culture, attitudes and brand in a refreshing, modern and stand-out way. She was a pleasure to work with and we are delighted with the results!


Lee Witherell

Wise Owl Marketing

Piccia is a delight to work with; she's not only a great web-site designer but she complements this with a real understanding of why small businesses need a web-site - to find new customers! I not only got a great new landing page delivered cost effectively in super-quick time, I also learnt a great deal from Piccia about how to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of my business.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Piccia to anyone trying to grow their business.

Kate Hammer

Kate Hammer PhD FRSA


Piccia is an artist with business acumen and technical know-how: a rare blend.
Thanks to this, Piccia solved my urgent business problem seamlessly. I could not believe my good fortune when I found her and we started collaborating! Her ability to understand my service brand, design and deliver a WordPress website that captures its humanity so elegantly is remarkable.

Tracey Burnett

Tracey Burnett

Leads To Success – Marketing expert

I just love the websites that Piccia designs and produces. She is my 'go to' website designer for my clients and they are always thrilled with the results. She is the 'whole package'. Great design skills, fantastic to work with and great client service. Plus, and maybe as importantly the after care maintenance is all you would want. I am particularly thrilled with her turnkey website package which takes the headache out of the website plus landing pages, hosting, imagery etc. Talk to this lady FIRST if you are interested in a new website!

Fadime Solak

Fadime Solak

Palm 2

We love the website that Piccia created for Palm2. Her photos are great, and above all our beautiful website delivers vital information to our clients as well as getting us new customers for the shop and the wine club. Piccia also performs a brilliant service by maintaining the site, optimising it and running our email marketing. Thank you Piccia, it’s a pleasure to work with you!


Lee Jackson

Angled Crown

Piccia Neri is one of my "go to" experts for design advice. She is able to explain design principles in a way that I can quickly understand and apply to my own and client brands. She's the real deal!