First steps with WordPress: the difference between and

Orange and fennel seeds on two plates. The difference between and

The content management system WordPress comes in two flavours: and For the non-initiated, it can be confusing to understand the difference between and Let’s clarify it here once and for all. The blatant difference. is a free hosted platform. On you can build your own blog or website using … Read more

Tips for writing good web copy

Tips jar

Does your copy have the winning difference? I promised my clients a compendium of tips for writing good web copy, as an important part of my service is educating them on how to run their WordPress site and make the most of it in order to advertise their business and make the world know about them. … Read more

How to exclude categories in WordPress

Knowing how to create custom sidebars is great. But sometimes it’s not enough: you might want your custom sidebar to show certain categories only, and exclude others. This post shows you how to exclude categories in WordPress. I recently had to solve this issue for a client, The Stop Hunter. After having built the main The … Read more