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Orange and fennel seeds on two plates. The difference between and

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Business rush hour: people walking very fast in a city. Siteground will get your website to be faster.

SiteGround are running a migration offer, just extended until Sunday 11 September. And I’ll take this opportunity to repeat: SiteGround is one of the best web hosts in the world. I always say it. And I’m not the only one: I am in very good company when I make this bold statement. 1st opinion: SiteGround … Read more

Avoid the cliff edge: keep your WordPress website regularly updated, backed-up and maintained.

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Tips jar

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Cat hiding in a bag

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An elephant walking on a slackline: nothing is impossible in Wordpress.

One of the things I like the most about WordPress is that nothing seems to be impossible. Every time a client throws a request at me, I know I will find a solution for it. Out of the box, WordPress only offers one sidebar across a site. You can choose whether to have a sidebar … Read more