More Weekend food photography

Ripe, organically grown tomatoes in a variety of colours: yellow, orange, green, brown and red.

More Weekend Food Photography

… so I was in the studio again over the weekend, getting stuff ready for the Jordan trip. But on a Saturday I often get distracted by the idea of food, and food photography. So I thought I’d get even more photographic  mileage from the chromatic variety of the tomatoes from last Saturday, still looking ripe and juicy and fresh, for another session of food photography. Especially loving the contrast with the turquoise – these are the kind of things that make me happy. I am also delighted with the wooden table I found at the shop under the arches on Mentmore terrace: it’s perfect. Thanks to Mike for looking for it for me.

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Stock photography in the studio

Ripe, organically grown tomatoes in a variety of colours: yellow, orange green brown and red.

Food photos for my stock photography portfolio

Finally managed to find the right table to take food photos for stock photography in our beautiful Gransden Avenue studio, from the furniture shop under the arches on Mentmore Avenue. So today I raided Broadway market. The idea was to get salame from the new guy on the block,  the wonderful Charcuterie Maestros who sell the best Italian cured meats, get back to the studio and take photos of it. I did carry out that part of the plan and acquired a delicious salamino al barolo – but got slightly waylaid before making back to the studio. When I am in the market my will is weak. So as soon as I smelled the rosemary on this focaccia

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Philippa’s wedding

The bride and groom on the beach, 7 July 2013

Last weekend my very good friend Philippa got married, and she asked me if I could take photos at her wedding. Now, this is something I said I would never do – however, I did it for her. And it looks as if I survived, and learned quite a few things in the proceedings, of … Read more