Custom-milled machine part made with CNC machine. You can produce perfection with the right tools. Photo by Piccia NeriCustom-milled machine part made with CNC machine. Photo by Piccia Neri

I often get asked which online tools I use to run my business, and why. There are many: here is a shortlist of the 5 online tools I simply couldn’t work without. In my opinion, these 5 websites are essential towards running an efficient online business. These tools suit any type of business: not just … Read more

How to lead a meeting between a designer and a potential client through from initial, informal encounter to signing the final contract – risk-free and as pleasant as a walk in a lovely shady leafy green forest. This article is part of a series of blog posts on the design process, aimed at helping both clients … Read more

Painted texture using primary colours (red, yellow and blue)

Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner? Do you need to design your logo or website, but have no idea how to communicate your needs to your designer? If you’ve ever struggled to get the design you wanted, you’re in the right place. The answer is in the brief: successful design always starts from … Read more