6 things you can do right now to get new coaching clients

Are you a coach? Do you want to stop overwhelm, and start thriving online? Want to get new coaching clients – of the right kind? How to get new coaching clients via your website, in 6 simple steps Take action: follow these 6 things every coach can do right now to get more clients, and … Read more

This video presents to you the 6 best SEO resources that are free or cheap, from extremely reputable sources. It will help you understand what you need to do about your SEO, so that Google finds you. SEO makes your website worth existing. You can’t skip this, basically: if you have a website you need … Read more

Today, 29 August 2017, I did a little live demonstration on my Facebook group (have you joined yet? No? Do it now!) on how to build a beautiful, solid, professional brand colour palette for your projects. I used an amazing and yet totally free web tool: the wonderful Coolors. I am posting the video here … Read more

In the first episode of this series about web hosting we looked at the different types of web hosting. In the second episode we talked about what to look for in a web host. This week we’ll talk about web hosting recommendations. This article aims at helping WordPress beginners choose the best host for them. … Read more

In the previous article in this series on web hosting, we looked at which types of hosting are available for a WordPress site. We also came to the conclusion that when you are starting out on your online journey, you should choose shared hosting for your website. In this article we will look at the … Read more

How to choose a web host without regrets is the #1 issue for DIY WordPress users who are non-designers and non-developers. Good web hosting is an essential factor in running your own website without frustrations. In this first in a series of articles on web hosting, I’ll explain what to look for and what to avoid when you choose … Read more

Design elements and principles are the tools used to achieve a good final composition that conveys your message clearly. These days, there’s no shortage of design tools for non-designers. However, knowing how to use Canva or Snappa won’t make you a designer. And I am not suggesting that you should become one! You have your business to … Read more

Those of you who are already on my email list or in my Facebook group have already heard, seen and read me bang on about the need to move your website from http to https as soon as possible. Here’s the post where I finally explain, once and for all, how and why you should make … Read more

Ancient books on a shelf in a library

In principle, I should be against free image libraries. After all, I am a photographer. I know how much each photo you see and want to grab for free really costs: the years spent honing your craft, the litres of sweat produced while lugging around prodigiously heavy kit, the hours of sleep lost to make … Read more

Painting by Paul Cezanne, free download from the Met Museum

So, the other day all lovers of art and free downloads had good reason to be very excited. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York updated their 2014 Open Access policy, allowing free downloads of any digital image of artworks in the collection deemed to be ‘in the public domain’. These images all carry … Read more

You’ve got the tools, but have you got the rules? Non-designers who need to create their own social media graphics often think that they need a graphic design degree to be able to do a good job. That’s not the case: all you need is a few, simple, solid graphic design tips to live by. Here … Read more

Has someone told you that WordPress is difficult to learn? You’ve come to the right place: I’m here to show you that with the right tools it is not difficult to learn how to use WordPress. These resources for the fearful beginner will make your WordPress learning process a breeze. Is it difficult to learn … Read more

Are you building a website for your business on a tight budget? Still unsure whether WordPress is better than Wix or SquareSpace? Getting confused and overwhelmed by different people telling you different things? In this article, I will explain to you why WordPress is better than Wix or SquareSpace and other web builders if you are … Read more

Orange and fennel seeds on two plates. The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

The content management system WordPress comes in two flavours: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. For the non-initiated, it can be confusing to understand the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Let’s clarify it here once and for all. The blatant difference. WordPress.com is a free hosted platform. On WordPress.com you can build your own blog or website using … Read more

Free downloads from Piccia Neri. Fast life in the city: blurred movement of a London Underground train arriving in a tube station.

In the past few days I have added 3 new free downloads to the image library. Please help yourself to them. Here they are: The wonderful smell of dried lavender flowers High-resolution free download of a close-up of dried lavender flowers, a Mediterranean herb used in aromatherapy for relaxation and de-stressing. This soothing herb of … Read more

Pompidou Centre, Paris

In the last post I waxed lyrical about Snappa, a great tool to create engaging graphics quickly and easily. This week we’ll see a few more useful design tools for non-designers that will help you with your daily design needs. Not a designer? No problem. Entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business make sure … Read more

Happy holidays 2016

It’s almost time to wrap up and set off for our (hopefully) happy holidays. Are you ready for the winter break? I’m not. I never am. December always sneaks up on me when I think it’s still October. Happy holidays to everyone If you are like me and you haven’t sent any cards to anyone … Read more

The light trails at a fun fair: beautiful and engaging.

If you need to be able to create engaging graphics quickly and easily, but keep getting stuck or overwhelmed, this post is for you: you will find out how to create great designs for your social media messages and blog posts, even if you are not a designer or you cannot afford one. As a … Read more