I help you and your team deliver highly converting and sales-driven websites, apps and digital products with design that is creative as well as accessible

“Piccia’s coaching program alongside her UX course has really elevated our understanding and approach to design, accessibility and UX. Highly recommended!”

Kate Maunsell – Director
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“I’ve heard Piccia teach on stage and in webinars, and each time my mind is blown. Piccia’s approach will change the way you design websites and experiences forever.”
“Piccia always delivers the best solution for the target market. Her boundless creativity also ensures that her designs are striking and bold, as well as accessible and effective”

Lara Mazzoni – Founder & CEO
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I’m a UX lead, creative director and image-maker bridging the gap between UX and UI, with a focus on inclusion, accessibility and creativity.

I’m a UX lead, creative director and image-maker bridging the gap between UX and UI, with a focus on inclusion, accessibility and creativity.

I am hired all over the world by clients and agencies who want to build better digital products and user interfaces that are well-researched, imaginative, accessible and convert more – by putting people first.

I can train your team to do the same with my courses and coaching, and I can speak at your events to entertain your audience while educating them about UX and accessible design.

I am also a conference organiser, photographer, visual artist and image-maker.

UX and UI too? Hell yeah! You know it makes sense

You need a design lead to help you and your team deliver products with carefully thought-out UX that relies on a beautiful and accessible UI.

You need to train your team and empower them to deliver better projects that convert more, in less time.

You understand that accessible design brings in a huge increase in conversions, as well as being the only way forward. And you want it to be beautiful and imaginative, too.

Or you have a juicy project that needs a hands-on all-rounder who can’t wait to get stuck on UX research as well as coming up with creative concepts applied to an extremely profitable, totally accessible UI.

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I am your unicorn queen of accessible and creative experiences and interfaces

I was born in Italy, the land of men who thought it absolutely normal to be architects, engineers, sculptors, painters, musicians and writers at the same time – with nobody questioning it.

So it should come as no big surprise that I, too, can be your awesome multi-skilled “unicorn” – or Renaissance woman.

Previously in my life I have been an art historian, a book designer, a branding designer, a creative director, a full-on creative image maker, a photographer and an artist. I still carry all these skills with me.

“I highly recommend the UX Made Easy short course to anyone looking to create more user-focused designs that help you outshine your competition at every step.”

Kyle Van Deusen – Owner
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“I encourage anyone looking to improve the user experience and conversion rate of their website to listen to Piccia’s advice”
“A pleasure to work with... I am extremely impressed and couldn’t recommend Piccia’s services more highly”

Paul O'Callaghan – SR Content Manager
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Selected clients

A selection of wonderful clients I’ve had and have the opportunity to work with.

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