About Piccia Neri

You're here because your brand needs exciting creative concepts for your projects, as well as superb art direction ensuring they are applied consistently throughout.

You're here because you need a website that delivers a smooth user experience, while delivering sales and garnering new fans.

And your projects need imagination and evocative images, as well as beautiful execution, to win your customers over.

You're tired of bog-standard logo design that does nothing to express your brands' values.

Maybe you've looked everywhere for a creative agency who can translate your vision for your business into a visual campaign with great impact on both digital and offline platforms.

You need to find a visionary outlet with extensive art direction, branding and marketing experience as well as outstanding hands-on skills in photography, image manipulation and creation, design and image software.

You're in luck: you found Piccia Neri today.


That's me, Piccia Neri.

I can make these bold claims because am an experienced creative director and designer with great photography and artistic skills – tried and tested in the field with great success.

I have worked with major global brands and corporations as well as top-tier London design agencies over the course of almost two decades. My marketing campaigns, websites, posters, book covers and magazine designs are bold and beautiful and always pack a punch, as well as delivering sales.

Now I work with a formidable network of top-class providers all over the world – which allows me to deliver the best work to you. Together, we can get anywhere.

Let me take your campaign, brand, website from lack-lustre to stratospheric. Let me make the difference between a project going ignored and underselling, to an amazing journey that will win you clients & new fans.
Let me help YOU make a massive difference to YOUR brand.


Over the course of almost two decades in London, I've worked for top-tier design agencies as well as my own corporate clients. The brands I worked on include Channel 4, Shell, Unilever, Diageo. Check the works page for a taster.

In the cultural sector, I was the creative director for the design department of the British Film Institute in London. In this capacity, I directed the design team and created concepts for film posters and marketing campaigns – as well as carrying out the designs myself, with high-level design and photo manipulation skills. I love combining textures and techniques in my creations, using my own watercolours, drawings and photographs.

I also carried out complex projects in the UK and abroad for the British Council, the British Museum, Tate Gallery, National Gallery and Sunday Times Magazine.

For years, I was a Photoshop and web design tutor for Photography Course London, a photography school in Shoreditch.

I'm a Visiting lecturer at Camberwell College of Art on photography and design-related subjects.

I served on the board of the Chartered Society of Designers (UK) as vice-president from 2013 to 2016.


Speaker and trainer

I firmly believe that to be at the top of my game I need to keep studying and learning new things, as well as new takes on old things.
I constantly consume knowledge, I re-elaborate it and present my view on it.

As a WordPress expert and design on the web expert, I am invited to speak at industry events about design, UX and UI on the web. In 2018, I spoke at conferences and events in London, Brighton, Düsseldorf, Madrid, ValenciaGranada, Verona, Irún.

Appearances in 2019 include the first WordCamp Nordic in Helsinki, Finland, and TYPO3 Camp in Venlo, Holland and WordCamp London

I am fluent in 4 European languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French which makes it possible for me to present my thoughts on design, teach and lead workshops all over the world.
I help companies by training their teams to use WordPress effectively and to best practices. I also train teams on using their company's brand and design assets correctly, ensuring that communication is always powerful and on message.

Please get in touch if you would like to hire me.

 You can get a taster of what I sound like in the videos from the conferences and in the podcast audios on this page.

Some other workshops and talks I've given:

WORDPRESS: Speaker at WordPress Meetups in Valencia, Spain.

DESIGN AND MARKETING: BFI/ Future Film Festival: From 2011 to 2015 I conceived, set up and led a workshop and competition for design students to design the BFI Future Film Festival campaign, in collaboration with the University of the Arts, London and Middlesex University. The project aimed at bridging the gap between filmmakers and designers. As part of the workshop, I also gave talks on film poster design at the Future Film Festival. You can check out the project website here.

DESIGN AND MARKETING: FILMONOMICS – Looking after your assets – Birds Eye View Film Festival 2014
Panel talk for Birds Eye View Film Festival
Panel discussion: how to release specialised films and what assets are needed to execute a perfect campaign – including what makes a great movie poster (see link to video below).

DESIGN AND MARKETING: University of Wollongong – Artist in Residence– Workshop and talks
Paid residency at the University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia, April 2011. I taught a workshop on film poster design to 2nd-year graphic design students. During the course of the residency, I also gave faculty-wide talks on my practice as a designer.

Visiting lecturer at Camberwell College of Art (photography & design-related subjects)

Piccia talking about Gestalt psychology of vision at WordCamp London, April 2018

Piccia talking about Gestalt psychology and Design Thinking at TYPO3 Developer Days conference in Düsseldorf in June 2018. Unfortunately, audio only starts at 16 minutes in!

For Spanish speakers: Piccia talking about Gestalt at WordCamp Madrid, April 2018

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Happy clients have their say.

Jürgen Strauss

Jürgen Strauss


I sought Piccia's help with redesigning an e-Book that we had produced and I'm so glad I did. She totally transformed that e-Book to not only look fabulous, but to be totally consistent in brand and message from the visual point of view. Along the way, we realized that our total company brand needed a refresh as well, and Piccia came up with a new brand image for us that highlighted our values, culture, attitudes and brand in a refreshing, modern and stand-out way. She was a pleasure to work with and we are delighted with the results!


Lee Witherell

Wise Owl Marketing

Piccia is a delight to work with; she's not only a great web-site designer but she complements this with a real understanding of why small businesses need a web-site - to find new customers! I not only got a great new landing page delivered cost effectively in super-quick time, I also learnt a great deal from Piccia about how to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of my business.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Piccia to anyone trying to grow their business.

Kate Hammer

Kate Hammer PhD FRSA


Piccia is an artist with business acumen and technical know-how: a rare blend.
Thanks to this, Piccia solved my urgent business problem seamlessly. I could not believe my good fortune when I found her and we started collaborating! Her ability to understand my service brand, design and deliver a WordPress website that captures its humanity so elegantly is remarkable.

Tracey Burnett

Tracey Burnett

Leads To Success – Marketing expert

I just love the websites that Piccia designs and produces. She is my 'go to' website designer for my clients and they are always thrilled with the results. She is the 'whole package'. Great design skills, fantastic to work with and great client service. Plus, and maybe as importantly the after care maintenance is all you would want. I am particularly thrilled with her turnkey website package which takes the headache out of the website plus landing pages, hosting, imagery etc. Talk to this lady FIRST if you are interested in a new website!

Fadime Solak

Fadime Solak

Palm 2

We love the website that Piccia created for Palm2. Her photos are great, and above all our beautiful website delivers vital information to our clients as well as getting us new customers for the shop and the wine club. Piccia also performs a brilliant service by maintaining the site, optimising it and running our email marketing. Thank you Piccia, it’s a pleasure to work with you!


Lee Jackson

Angled Crown

Piccia Neri is one of my "go to" experts for design advice. She is able to explain design principles in a way that I can quickly understand and apply to my own and client brands. She's the real deal!