6 things you can do right now to get new coaching clients

Are you a coach? Do you want to stop overwhelm, and start thriving online? Want to get new coaching clients – of the right kind?

How to get new coaching clients via your website, in 6 simple steps

Take action: follow these 6 things every coach can do right now to get more clients, and you’ll be on your way to ideal client bliss.

1. Get specific

Ask yourself this question:

Imagine that 10 brand new clients knock on your door and sign up with you today – right now. The only proviso is that they all have to be a clone of one of your existing clients. Which client would you decide to clone?

If you find this question difficult, try reframing it like this:

Pick the client who gives you the most return on your time investment with them, always pays the bills on the same day, never pesters you, always listens to your advice and implements it, tells everyone how great you are and refers you new business – in a nutshell, your ideal client.

Then ask yourself what profession this shining gem of a client has, which sector they operate in, is their company big, what yearly turnover, whether they offer products or services, what kind, how many staff they have, what vision they have for their business and how YOU most help them.

Now go to your website* and look at it through the eyes of your precious jewel client. Identify fully with your ideal client, and imagine that the website has been built just for you.

  • Do you clearly understand what benefits the site offers?
  • Are the images engaging to look at?
  • Do you feel like exploring more?
  • Is the information relevant and interesting?
  • Do text and image evoke some emotional connection?
  • Does the website address the needs of the ideal client?

Your website should communicate to your ideal client.
Nobody else.

This is usually difficult to execute because we are afraid of potentially losing other clients.

The truth is that after you have zeroed in with laser-like focus on who your ideal client is, it makes complete sense to simply concentrate on attracting more of exactly the same.

And if you optimise your homepage to talk exclusively to them, they will come. Your website will become your favourite tool to get new coaching clients.


Using laser-like precision in defining your ideal client will help you get new coaching clients.
Using laser-like precision in defining your ideal client will help you get new coaching clients.

Make a note of all the text and images that need changing on your website in order for it to appeal to your ideal client.


2. Get action

Your website is there for one main reason: get new coaching clients for your business.

When a visitor – potential ideal client, remember! – lands on your website, do you tell them what you want them to do?

You have 3 seconds to capture your potential client’s attention once they land on your site.

As a consequence, you need to be extremely explicit about what action you want your visitors to take.

If you want them to download a freebie, don’t make them think: make that button the first thing they see.

On the other hand, if you want them to pick up the phone and call you you need to ask them clearly to do so. Very importantly, make sure the phone number is linked and active for mobile users.

The point is: if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

And what you want to get is your potential client’s email address, so that you can nurture them and serve them.

An effective, well thought-out marketing funnel is one of the ways your website can get new coaching clients for you regularly.

Most of all, the important thing is that you make it super-clear to your visitors that you want them to click that button and download that freebie. And make it irresistible…

Find out exactly what you want your potential client to do once they land on your website, and make sure the call to action is clear on all pages.

Blink, and you’ll miss them: just like fireflies or shooting starts, your ideal client will disappear in a second if you don’t give them a reason to stay. Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash

3. Get found

Does Google know that your website exists? If Google knows, then Google can tell your future clients about you. But if it doesn’t, then your prospective clients won’t know, either. And it will become impossible to get new coaching clients via your website.

Google is like a giant library, and the search page is where you look through the billions of index cards.

Is there one with your website’s domain on it?

This is how you find out whether you are in the Google index. Type the following into the Google search engine:
Make sure you replace “yourdomainname.com” with your actual website address.

If this search does not return your website, it means that it’s not in the Google index. Now you’ll need to open an account with Google Webmaster tools and submit your website to Google.

Watch this video from Google to find out how to do that.

If after watching the video you’d rather stick nails into your own eyeballs than set up your Google Webmaster Console, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

TAKE ACTION: It’s imperative that you are in the Google index so that clients can find you. If this seems overwhelming, get in touch with us and we’ll set everything up for you.

Being easier to find than a needle in a haystack will sure help get you new coaching clients.
Being easier to find than a needle in a haystack will sure help get you new coaching clients.

4. Get known

Having a website and getting Google to index it is a great start. Now you need to make sure that your clients know that you are an authority in your field. Your reputation and the trust you inspire are an essential ingredient for you to get new coaching clients almost on tap.

The best way to achieve this is to create original, fresh and relevant content consistently, making sure you follow basic SEO principles.
(SEO is the art of making Google find you more quickly –and Google loves helpful content. )

Think about the ideal client we talked about earlier. What problems do they have? How can you best serve them? What issues can you solve for them? Then create a piece of content that helps them out.

Types of content can be a blog post, a free report, a video interview, a podcast, a free mini-course or a free e-book – these days, the list is endless. Producing interesting, helpful content will not only make Google love you more over the course of time: it will also position you as an authority with your prospective clients.

We only buy from those we trust: creating content is a great way to gain that trust.

TAKE ACTION: Create a piece of super-helpful content that provides a solution to your ideal client, then promote it and share it on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Get known and get trusted to get new coaching clients.
Get known and get trusted. Photo by Sabine Schulte on Unsplash.

5. Get better

Whatever you measure, improves.
The same applies to your online activities.

The best way to work out what pieces of content and pages on your website your visitors and clients love the most is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is an amazing free tool that provides very in-depth information about anybody who visits your website. You will find it quite exciting to check your dashboard regularly and see who your audience are, where they come from and what they like the most on your website.

Google Analytics is easy to set up and install on your website.

Here is a free video on YouTube to show you how to get started with Google Analytics.

If the video makes you want to set fire to your own hair rather than set up GA, get in touch and we’ll save your tresses from the pyre.

TAKE ACTION: Watch the video above, then set up your Google Analytics console and connect it with your website. Overwhelmed? Never fear: we’re here to help.

Measure your results to figure out what works.
Make sure you measure your results. Photo by Fleur Treurniet on Unsplash

6. Get a website

What? You don’t have a website yet?
Well, go get yourself one, NOW.

What did you say? You don’t need a website because you have a Facebook page?
Organic reach for businesses on FB is officially DEAD.
If you rely on social media you are exposed to big risks.

  1. You don’t own the platform. It can do whatever it wants with your account, including shut you down with no warning.
  2. If you build your business relying on a 3rd party platform, they could change their rules overnight and ruin you.
  3. Your website is YOURS. No one can ban you from it, or tell you what you should write in it.
  4. A blog post has a much longer shelf life than a post. Some great articles are still shared years after first publication.
  5. With the recent algorithm changes, it is very difficult to get any traction on Facebook, even in groups. Your efforts are best spent elsewhere.
  6. Your website is like your own vegetable garden. Love it and nurture it and it will bring you abundance.

Get in touch with Piccia and find out how to get a website that attracts visitors and converts them into clients.

Get new coaching clients by nurturing your website as if it were a vegetable garden: it will bring you fruits.
Nurture your website like a vegetable garden and it will bring you fruits. Photo by Kelly Neil on Unsplash


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