6 best SEO resources that are cheap or free

This video presents to you the 6 best SEO resources that are free or cheap, from extremely reputable sources. It will help you understand what you need to do about your SEO, so that Google finds you.

SEO makes your website worth existing.

You can’t skip this, basically: if you have a website you need to make sure that it’s optimised for SEO otherwise there’s no point you having a website, you might as well just have brochures and print them out.

You can watch the video if that’s what you like, or you can read the article if that suits you better. Either way – this is sterling advice!


Best SEO resources in 2018

Today I want to talk to you about an issue that’s absolutely essential for your website to be the smart conversion tool and client attracting machine that it should be.

And that’s SEO.

SEO or the art of making Google love you.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and in short, it really is the art of making Google love you.

Google loves websites that it finds easily because finding things online is what Google does. And Google wants to make its customers happy and its customers are happy when they find the things that go to Google for easily. (And then they click on ads and Google makes money, so Google is happy. See the pattern here?)

So please make sure that you make Google happy and that you help it by making sure your website can be found easily.

That’s it – in a nutshell.

I’m not an expert on SEO – it’s a fine art and there are dedicated SEO professionals who are much better qualified than me. However, I have been learning a hell of a lot about it over the course of the past few years because I need to be in a position to be able to recommend the best practices and the best course of action to my clients.

I want for my clients websites to make them money, to make the business thrive, to make them grow exponentially to heights they hadn’t imagined before. SEO is an absolutely essential ingredient for this.

1. Free SEO webinars from iThemes, with Rebecca Gill and Corey Miller

Best SEO resources that are cheap or free: Learn the basics of SEO with Rebecca Gill and Cory Miller

The first out of the best SEO resources that I want to show you is Learn the Basics of SEO with Rebecca Gill and Cory Miller – explore SEO in a free four-part webinar series. You simply have to enter your email address and you will immediately get the link to the replays and the slides of this basics of SEO course which comes from I themes.

Rebecca Gill is a great SEO expert that I’ll tell you more about in a minute because she’s got more tools to show you.

There is so much information available on SEO that is difficult to know who to listen to, what to believe exactly. And this four-part webinar series doesn’t get too technical: it gives you the basics. Spend four hours you of your time learning about SEO and then go back and put the tips into action.

2. Rebecca Gill’s podcast: SEO Bits

Best SEO resources that are cheap or free: Rebecca Gill's SEO bits podcast

Rebecca Gill also has a podcast that I love, called SEO Bits. Obviously, being a podcast, it is free. To me, it’s one of the best SEO resources out there. It’s always interesting and entertaining.

Some episodes are more technical, some are very informative and helpful for small business owners. A great episode is for instance this one: ‘A Facebook page is not enough for small business marketing’.

I completely agree with this. Listen to Rebecca Gill – she knows what she’s talking about.

Together with lots of great free advice, Rebecca Gill has also got SEO training courses that are very reasonably priced. Her Basic SEO training course will put you on the right track and it will make sure that your website is successful.

Just to clarify, success to me is not about ranking on the first page in Google – because that probably won’t happen, or not right away.

By the way, SEO is a long game: it doesn’t happen in a week or even in a month.

If you ever come across anyone who tells you that they’ll get your website to top of Google for $99 a month run run like hell –they’re lying to you. Don’t let them steal your money.

That’s not the way it works. If someone tells you that for a monthly fee they can help you with SEO, they might have a good strategy and you should listen. However, if they say they will ‘talk to Google’ or get you on the first page for your chosen term in the first year, move on from them.

It’s also healthy to bear in mind that there is no surefire way of getting to the top of Google, especially for subjects or products that are in an already saturated industry or niche.

Even so, there’s so much you can do for your business with SEO without needing to get to the top of Google so please do it now.

3. The Yoast plugin blog

Best SEO resources that are cheap or free: Yoast blog posts on basic SEO

Another great resource that’s free is the Yoast plug-in blog.

Yoast is a plugin, that is to say, a tool that you use to improve the functionality of your WordPress website. Yoast is usually the SEO tool of choice when you set up a WordPress website because it helps you to set up the whole site.

SEO is mostly about copy but it’s also about how you organise your pages and the structure of your website.

The SEO basics series of post in their blog is great reading: also, you can learn here how to use the Yoast plug-in and it will help you to choose your keywords, making sure you use them correctly in your posts and pages and products, and so on.

4. Beginners’ Guide to SEO from Moz

Best SEO resources that are cheap or free: Moz SEO for beginners guide

Another excellent free tool part of this lot of best SEO resources  is the Beginners’ Guide to SEO from Moz – a truly in-depth free tutorial on how search engines work.

Moz are fantastic SEO experts. Their beginner’s guide to SEO provides comprehensive information you need to get on the road to professional quality search engine optimisation or SEO.

This is another great starting point that will put you in the right direction in your exploration of the wonderful world of SEO.

5. Seo For Growth by Phil Singleton and John Jantsch

Best SEO resources that are cheap or free: SEO for Growth by Phil Singleton and John Jantsch

This is  a resource that I love. It’s not free but it’s very cheap – and it’s a book, titled SEO for Growth. One of the best SEO resources out there, full stop.

If you have to take just one action out of all the ones suggested in this article – read this book.

You can buy the Kindle, you can buy the Audible, you can buy the the real-world paper version – how quaint.

I actually bought bought all three – that’s how much I like this book.  It’s full of readily actionable tips and it gives you a solid foundation towards the understanding of SEO.

John Jantsch is the creator of Duct Tape Marketing, which is a blog, a book and a certification, all about DIY marketing for small businesses.

Phil Singleton is a web designer based in Kansas City in the US who only builds websites with SEO.

He won’t even build a website without a SEO package – that’s how he works. He is right: not much point building a web site without SEO.

A brochure site will not bring you leads or clients, and it will not build your authority and reputation.

An SEO-optimised website will – especially if you decide to start creating content and keeping it fresh with frequent new material.

6. Kate Toon

Best SEO resources that are cheap or free: SEO expert Kate Toon

Last but not least out of the best SEO resources I’ve gathered for you: Kate Toon.

Kate Toon, based in Australia, is a copywriter who started learning about SEO when she decided to go freelance and realised that she needed to be found online. She got very good at it so she decided she could do it for others, as well as teach them.

Kate Toon offers a long form, more expensive course – her signature course, which comes highly recommended.

She also offers lots of smaller, bite-sized SEO courses that you can pick up for something like $25 dollars and that will truly help you get on the right track for SEO.

SEO and Content marketing

You will find, as you go over all these SEO resources, that you hear the term ‘content marketing’ being mentioned a lot.

Content marketing is basically what SEO is all about these days. It’s what SEO For Growth really talks about.

The Singleton-Jantsch book talks about how you should make sure that you publish fresh, relevant content on your website as often as possible.

This content should be relevant to your niche, to your industry, to your products, to your audience so that Google keeps finding you and keeps you at the top. And if you never get to the top of Google – very difficult in over-saturated niches – it doesn’t matter: you will build authority, influence and followers. Google ranking can be just a vanity figure in some cases.

Content marketing, in my opinion, is the best marketing investment you could make.

It’s also called inbound marketing because people find you when they’re already looking for you. You don’t have to go out looking for them: you catch them when they most need you.

They go to Google, they do a search on your service and they find you so they’re ready to buy – you don’t need to persuade them.

That’s why it’s it’s so great and that’s why I firmly believe that investing in proper SEO practices (= content marketing) for your business is an absolute must if you want to thrive and succeed online.

You can DIY it of course. You can do it yourself with these resources but you can also – and I recommend that you do if you have the budget – invest in SEO professionals and copywriters.

I really hope that this was useful and that you find the resources help you. Use them, learn them, make them your own.

Which one did you find the most useful? I’d love to know – let me know in the comments.

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